Molly Annelle

Rising singer/songwriter and producer, Molly Annelle, has released her latest EP ‘Pick Me Ups’ – an alternative R&B musical journey of soothing yet funky melodies.

Back by popular demand, Molly headlines her ‘Pick Me Ups’ release at Island Cafe, White Rock on December 21st

Molly Annelle’s desire to self-produce her own songs, and fulfill her unique creative vision, is the inspiration for her 6-song EP ‘Pick Me Ups’ just released worldwide and available on all major platforms. The ethos of Pick Me Ups not only does what the title says, pick you up but also entertains with its storytelling and calms with its chill vibes.  The EP is entirely produced, written and sung by the one-of-a-kind creative machine, Molly, and covers the genres, Alternative R&B, electronic/dream pop, and chillwave.

“What drove ‘Pick Me Ups’ was the need to create something that was totally my own vision, done by me and only me,” says Molly Annelle.

What inspires this young talent to create these insightful songs? “I have an extremely busy and many times, anxious mind. I wrote Pick Me Ups to help others achieve a sense of well being. Listening to music has the power to lessen the burden that emotional conflict and other forms of mental illness can bring. It helps us escape. These six songs are meant to engender a feeling of positivity, no matter what one might be going through ‘in real life’.”

Molly’s style of music has evolved since her last album, Melody. What has caused this shift in her songs?  “I am constantly being introduced to new musical artists like SZA, Kali Uchis, Ravyn Lenae,” she says. “Their songs made me realize that I can achieve those sounds on my own. This was a revelation to me. I can achieve a sound particular to me now because I have acquired the knowledge and tools to do so. Through self-production I can create music that reflects who I truly am,” adds Molly Annelle.

In addition to writing and singing her own music, Molly’s interest in the production side of music led her to produce ‘Pick Me Up’s entirely by herself. She plans to continue to branch out to help other artists achieve their creative visions, and has already written songs for other artists and projects.

Molly Annelle EP tracklist: 

  • Wooden Spoon (feat V Volves)
  • Papillon
  • Cyberspace
  • Justice for the Candlelight Kid
  • Oh! What a Beautiful Morning
  • i like ur House

Pick Me Ups is available on all platforms Visit:

Molly will be performing at Island Cafe December 21 1237 Johnston Road, White Rock BC at 7:30pm

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