Meet Canada’s newest singer/songwriter sensation:

 14-year-old Molly Annelle Launches Her First CD, MELODY

Silver Lining Management is pleased to announce that fourteen-year-old singer/songwriter sensation Molly Annelle’s first CD entitled MELODY has been released. The album is produced by Bryant Olender, co-produced by Molly Annelle and recorded at Really Grateful Music Studio in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Beverly Delich, who worked with Michael Bublé and wrote the book, “Come Fly With Me, Michael Bublé’s Rise to Stardom”, manages Molly. She worked with Michael for seven years before introducing him to David Foster.

“I was literally blown away by Molly,” says Beverly. ”In all my time working with entertainers, I’ve never met anyone with that level of lyrical skills, performance charisma and musicality all rolled into one package.”

What inspires this extraordinarily precocious youngster to write such mature, deep lyrics and catchy melodies? Molly sees herself as a “musical magpie” that uses words, emotions and expressions that sparkle and grab her attention.

Molly is an astonishing artist who is influenced by all genres of music… classic rock, jazz, rap, pop, R&B. Mostly, she enjoys discovering that emotions such as frustration, joy, pain and anger can be expressed in words and melodies.

“When I sit at the piano, ideas flood into my mind like a river. Most of my songs are written in a stream of consciousness,” she says.

According to Beverly, what separate Molly from other young singer/songwriters is the universality, depth and poetry of her lyrics. “This is what grabbed my attention,” says Beverly. “She has a rare gift of writing songs that are really open to interpretation and open up the world of the listener.”

Molly is extremely prolific. For someone so young, she is a keen observer of our social, cultural and political climate. One of her songs, “Sunflower,” was written after watching the news of Ku Klux Klan marches in Charlottetown. “Kids” talks about the rise of social media and how it has ruined many young people’s lives and “A Line Inside” is a song about ambition and pursuing your goal even when no one gives you a chance.

Molly began learning to play the piano when she was three. At nine, she won Young Composer of the Year for her adaptation of a poem by Rudyard Kipling into a four-piece harmony for the Vancouver Chamber Choir. She recorded her first EP when she was ten.

Molly resides with her family in Vancouver, B.C., and is attending an Arts school as she continues to build her piano, song writing and performing skills. Molly looks forward to the exciting road ahead as she continues to write more songs, perform in front of large audiences and have her songs picked up and performed by other artists.


For interviews, media appearances, photos and more information please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

For bookings and performances please contact –

Beverly Delich | | 604-739-3900 |

Photograph by Kevin Clark


All songs written and composed by Molly Annelle

Available on iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon music and Spotify

  1. Kids  4:18
  2. Goodbye Blue  2:54
  3. Sunflower  5:06
  4. Alphabet  3:02
  5. Four Walls  4:30
  6. Feeding My Fantasy  4:41
  7. Far Away  3:47
  8. Line Inside  3:41
  9. Melody  3:26
  10. Lune  4:43
  11. Found  4:48

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