Houston Stevenson Starring in Lifetime Movie

Houston Stevenson reprises his starring role as Bruce in the third installment of the sequel thriller film “A Predator Returns” slated to debut on Lifetime Saturday, May 22, 2021

Houston also stars as Brandon in the Pulse Pounding Horror Feature Film “Fear Pharm now available On Demand

Houston Stevenson is starring in Lifetime’s sequel in the thriller film “A Predator Returns.” alongside Matthew Crawley, Leigha Sinnot, Hannah Jane McMurray, and Chris Jehnert. Directed by Colin Theys “A Predator Returns” is set on the beaches of the fictitious Hunter’s Cove when a late-night boating trip for high schooler Courtney (Leigha Sinnott) leads to an unexpected encounter with a shark and a charming mysterious savior when her normal life is turned upside down. “A Predator Returns” screenplay is written by John Doolan and will premiere Saturday, May 22nd only on Lifetime. 

Houston plays Bruce a charming, observant young politician’s son who hides a violent, obsessive past under a false name. He is laying low in a lighthouse on an island, resisting exposing himself to the temptations that have led him astray in the past. However, when Courtney and her friends come to visit, he rediscovers his obsessive tendencies. He wants to complete his family and feeds the sharks around the island, which he considers to be his brothers and sisters.

Houston can also be seen in a leading role in the pulse-pounding horror feature film “Fear Pharm” as Brandon, your typical all-American Jock, an easy-going guy, who’s all about his buddies and high school football. Fear Pharm is an American horror feature film about four teenagers that enter a maze, which is home to a deranged family. If 4 high school seniors make it through a ‘human maze’ in under 2 hours – they’ll win the “Cash Grand Prize”… it seems simple enough… but only if you can escape the deranged family of dermatologists who’ve been harvesting the DNA of young teens for their special pharmaceutical cream. “Fear Pharm” also stars Emily Sweet (Desert Shadows; Castle FreakCry Havoc), Aimee Stolte (Battle Star WarsVerotikaMegalodon), and John Littlefield and is available on DVD, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and FandangoNOW.

Catching the eye of Filmmaker, director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, Hocus Pocus) offered Houston a role in Disney Channel original movie “Descendants 2” as well as the third installment. Shortly after Houston was cast alongside Jesse Metcalfe on the Hallmark Channel’s “A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha’s Vineyard: Mystery,” then 8 episodes on Netflix comedy “Project MC2” as Zach Clarke. Houston is also known for his work on The CW’s “Arrow,” “iZombie” and “Spooksville.”

After graduating high school Houston moved to London, England to study with renowned acting coach Andy Johnson. Next move to Los Angeles where he worked for producer Julia Verdin and studied with Ivana Chubbuck then back to his hometown Vancouver and studied with Mel Tuck at Rail Town Studios.

Houston currently resides in Vancouver and holds both a Canadian and US passport. 

Houston is available for interviews and photos upon request.

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