Feature Documentary ‘Beyond Vanity’

The feature documentary BEYOND VANITY discovers a community of hair artists and spiritual guides that radically redefine hairdressing

A Hair Better Production and Mona Leung are pleased to announce that the feature documentary BEYOND VANITY celebrates 3 festival laurels, 3 film distributors, and Mona’s 30th year in the hair industry.  Mona is a successful hairstylist who embarks on a quest to re-imagine her life’s work – and discovers a community of hair artists and spiritual guides that help her radically redefine hairdressing. BEYOND VANITY is a one-hour documentary that closely follows Mona as she approaches each pivotal moment in the discovery process, both on a professional and personal level. Trailer: https://vimeo.com/547731473

Award-winning career hairstylist Mona Leung discovers the chemicals she’s using to make her clients more beautiful… are killing her.  Searching for alternatives – and a deeper connection to the work she loves – she embarks on a ten-thousand-mile journey. From her west coast home, Mona makes stops in Arizona, California, Nepal, and Hong Kong.  Along the way, Mona encounters many influences – from innovative hairdressers that are revolutionizing the art and technology of hair to Buddhist monks that shave their heads during their spiritual training.  Mona’s eyes are opened to new philosophies, approaches, and techniques that take her perception of hairstyling to an entirely new place.  Returning home, Mona takes a different kind of trip.  With Shamanic guidance, her life’s purpose is revealed: to synthesize what she’s learned to develop her own unique practice.  Mona invites close friends, fellow hairdressers, and alternative healers to a retreat of discovery.  Traveling deep within, she brings through a personal care system that combines holistic ceremony with high-end hair styling.  Her revolutionary approach is one that revitalizes each client’s appearance by connecting with, celebrating, and reflecting their true inner beauty. She discovers a unique personal care system that combines holistic ceremony with high-end hairstyling – one that revitalizes clients’ appearance through celebrating their true nature.  

Mona Leung’s successful career as an internationally renowned hairstylist spans three amazing decades. What started, as a personal interest at an early age became her passion. Mona quickly made a name for herself in this highly competitive industry.  However, despite her many accolades, the incredibly long hours and constant exposure to toxic beauty products were taking a toll on her health and well-being. The catalyst for change arrived when she became pregnant with her first child, and out of necessity, Mona decided it was time to search for a more natural, holistic approach to her work. 

Mona’s path to becoming “The Conscious Hairdresser” was originally fuelled by her individual desire to do and feel better. To her amazement, she met many like-minded individuals along the way who shared her newfound vision and direction. Although unconventional and a relatively unknown practice, this new community further empowered Mona to continue her quest to bring mindful and holistic practices into a beauty industry that thrives on fuelling vanity. 

Mona has since successfully integrated her new knowledge and customs into her current work. In addition to always searching for the best and healthiest products, she also provides her clients powerful Hair Ceremonies, which fuses ancient healing technologies with modern cutting techniques. 

Embarking on this journey was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for Mona, and she knew it was meant to be shared. 

Beyond Vanity is being distributed worldwide by Lightning International, And Now Global, and FilmOption. 

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