Vancouver Dementia Prevention Centre encourages people to take the first step towards better brain health and fitness.

Chief of Staff Patrick Malone has created the Brain Spa for Home, Business and Corporate Wellness Programs

For immediate release: Vancouver, BC, March 14, 2019 – Vancouver’s Patrick Malone is enthusiastic about introducing Brain Spa fitness to everyone’s radar this week with Brain Awareness Week 11 – 17, 2019. It is common for people to spring clean their homes, start a summer fitness routine and get your teeth cleaned yet most people don’t even think about sweeping the cobwebs out of their brain. 

To popularize brain fitness Vancouver Dementia Prevention Centre Chief of Staff Patrick Malone has created the Brain Spa for home, business or corporate wellness programs. 20 minute Brain Spa sessions simultaneously combine; Photobiomodulation, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, 40Hz Audio-Visual Encompassment and 300mg of sublingual NAD. 

Each of these brain-boosting modalities is extensively peer-reviewed and easily investigated by both the public and the press. “We didn’t invent any of this neurotech, but we believe it’s time the public had easy access to the best tools for brain fitness, packaged in a luxurious spa-like experience,” states Chief of Staff Malone. The Vancouver Dementia Prevention Centre promotes brain fitness with neuro-tech tools and sublingual NAD.

What are the benefits of a detoxifying brain drain, beyond a quicker wit and sharper memory? Brain fitness affects far more than just our mental acuity. Brain fitness directly impacts our daily moods, motivation, motor skills, and appearance. But for every job there’s the right tool; and for too long neuroscientists have kept theirs benched deep inside academia, out of reach to the general public. Everyone from students seeking study support to executives in need of enhanced mental acuity to older people intent on staying bright for life can benefit from Brain Spa Treatments.

The ancillary gain from adopting brain fitness is better eye health. Both the brain and the eye require herculean amounts of energy to function and produce massive oxidative waste. The benefits of improved waste disposal; that’s central to brain fitness are shared by the retina of the eye, which is otherwise vulnerable to macular degeneration. 

Fortunately, there is new entrepreneurial ‘stirring of the loins’ in Canadian universities; bringing exciting Neuro-REgenerative treatments and devices into the hands, guts, beds and onto the heads of a public, interested in staying bright for life. Malone is bringing the transition of neurotech from university labs into the hands of the public.

The mission critical at the Vancouver Dementia Prevention Centre is to broadcast the very best brain fitness tools available to the public and embolden Neuro-Texperts to finally take sides, and assist the public – saving them time and money – by separating the most powerful Neuro-REgenative tools and treatments from the least likely to succeed.

In the Canadian battle for cognitive longevity, there will be heroes, cowards, and quislings; but only the bold will cross unto the most honourable side of medical history.

“To be honest” continues Chief Malone, “we were inspired by Terry McBride, who create YYoga because the studios he first went to, lacked amenities and a higher end user experience. That is very similar to where neurotech is today; too much clinic and too little pampering. The Brain Spa sets out to change all that!”

It should come as no surprise that some of the world’s most advanced neurotech is being developed in Canada. In the U.S. getting ‘memory problems’ on your medical records adversely impacts your insurability, and that of your children as well. There are no punitive measures whatsoever applied to brave Canadians who enlist in medical trials intent on winning the battle against age-related dementia and Alzheimer’s. To those participants, we’ll all owe a debt of gratitude.

Patrick Malone is available for speaking engagements and interviews upon request.

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