Dance First Music composed by Logan Jones to Dance choreographed by Monica Proenca

Dance First is an innovative creative ballet dance and film project where the dance was choreographed first and the music was written to the dance after it was created and filmed.

Brazilian/Vancouver choreographer Monica Proenca (Center Stage: On Pointe) and young Vancouver based composer Logan Jones (4th Album on Silver in Your Veins now available on iTunes with Nashville’s Carey Ott) teamed up with 7 young classically trained ballet dancers and aspiring young film maker Ethan Cook to create this original work.

After a careful audition process, and months of rehearsals, 7 cameras recorded an amazing dance scape that falls into a dream. Logan Jones then wrote original music – as if the dancers movement wrote the music.

On January 18th the film will debut and for the first time the dancers will see the music that was made from their dance. The film will be wrapped with footage of them coming to see the movie and the reactions of the dancers to hearing the music they “danced to” for the first time.

Logan Jones will host the screening in his personal recording studio, Dunbar Underground Studios.

At the young age of 17, Logan has written over 200 pieces of original music, 4 albums, and composed theme music for 2 television shows “BC Brew On Tap” and “Get Cooking with the Stars”.

“Looking forward to the “Dance First” release” 
– Laurie Bell, host of “Get Cooking With The Stars”

His talent has brought him interviews with “On Da Grine TV with Valentine” on Shaw TV Vancouver, Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM, and on The Joe Show.

Looking ahead, Logan Jones is investigating his options for formal education in music, most recently with a trip to Los Angeles to tour the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music at invitation of the Dean.

Logan is always open to collaborate and hopes to gain experience in writing for more films and puts a call out to film makers to bring him a new challenge.

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