Crime Drama Muskie Point

The Crime Drama Muskie Point starring Stephen Sewell, Stephen McNaughton, and Andre Neil McKenzie is now available on Amazon Prime and Tubi

For immediate release: The Sewell Brothers Stephen, Eric, and Ian are pleased to announce that their Canadian feature film Muskie Point is now available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.  Muskie Point is a crime drama employing elements of the action/adventure and comedy genres. Written by Ian Sewell who also directs alongside Stephen and Eric.  The feature film stars Stephen Sewell (100 Miles from Hell, Rosedale), Stephen McNaughton (Toxic, Kingspin), and Andre Neil McKenzie (Fargo TV Series).  Muskie Point is being distributed by Los Angeles based Indie Rights and is available in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK on Amazon Prime and Tubi.


The rules are simple. Mr. Mannericks is the boss, your score is his score and he gets his share.  If not, you may find yourself taking a trip to Muskie Point for a final and conclusive chapter to your story.  A fact not lost on any of Mr. Mannericks’ subordinates and currently weighing heavily on the mind of one, in particular, Doyle (Kevin Ibbotson).  Doyle let greed get the better of him when he started earning on the side without the consent or knowledge of his boss.  He got sloppy and he got caught.  Now his crewmates have been ordered to surrender him over to Abrams (Stephen McNaughton), a high-ranking enforcer for Mr. Mannericks.  Doyle’s fate is in their hands as they find themselves torn between loyalty to him and obedience to Mr. Mannericks.

The entire shoot was done on location in Southern British Columbia, utilizing the thick forests of the region. Much of the remote filming locations lacked sufficient road access requiring the equipment to be transported by hand over difficult terrain.  Filmed in the summer, the heat and insects made for a grueling but rewarding experience for the determined cast and crew.  

About the Directors:

Ian, Stephen, and Eric Sewell grew up on a rural property in Langley, British Columbia.  Their enthusiasm for filmmaking began in their early teens when they first got their hands on a camcorder.  Starting off with shorts that spoofed popular genres involving ninjas and police, the brothers eventually moved onto more ambitious feature-length projects. This eventually led to the professional world with the commercial release of their previous film 100 Miles from Hell. 

Stephen, Ian and Eric Sewell and other lead actors are available for interviews upon request.

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