Canadian Films “War Tails,” “Run for Noah” “Henderson,” “Suzy Makes Cupcakes,” and “And…Action” to screen at the Seattle Film Festival 2024

Canadian Films “War Tails,” “Run for Noah” “Henderson,” “Suzy Makes Cupcakes,” and “And…Action” to screen at the Seattle Film Festival running from June 26 to June 30

The 9th annual Seattle Film Festival, under the direction of William Wayne and Michael Rey in their second year, has tripled its film screenings both online and theatrically, presenting over 450 unique films. This year’s festival features remarkable performances by renowned actors such as Isabella Rossellini, Bella Thorne, Steve Buscemi, John Leguizamo, Abigail Breslin, Justine Lupe and Oscar nominee Amy Madigan. With 437 films, including 125 features, on the eoFlix platform and 74 films, including 17 features, screened at three theatres around Seattle, the festival celebrates a new era of independent cinema, providing indie filmmakers an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

This year, the Seattle Film Festival is pleased to announce that several Canadian Productions will be screened there.

“War Tails” Wednesday, June 26th, 6:40 p.m. with Q and A to follow
The Russian invasion of Ukraine created an avalanche of abandoned dogs and cats that are now multiplying, causing unforeseen consequences. War Tails is a documentary feature that captures abandoned animals’ compelling stories and struggles, shedding light on the escalating rabies crisis and the urgent need for intervention. The director and writer, Olha Byrledianu, is formerly from Kyiv. She escaped during the bombing with her dog and eventually settled in Vancouver, Canada. Producer  Dan Fine will attend and participate in the Q&A after the screening.

“And… Action!” Opening Night Wednesday, June 26th, 3:45 p.m.
14-year-old British Columbia, Canada, high school student Jason Park is the writer and director of  And… Action! This short film follows 14-year-old cinephile Katherine as she creates a short film with her classmates, capturing the entire process with a rapid pace and rhythm. What begins as a fun project spirals into chaos with conflicts and self-doubt, but Katherine is left with something valuable—a passion, a dream—and nothing will ever be as it was. “And… Action!” plays on opening night in the Short Program. Jason Park will participate in the Q&A after the screening.

“Suzy Makes Cupcakes” Short Program Thursday, June 27, 3:15 p.m.
In the short film, Suzy Makes Cupcakes, Suzy has a unique talent: She makes the best-tasting red velvet cupcakes. She parlays that talent into getting even with her abusive husband, deceiving the local crime family, and making out with a bowling ball full of cash.

Jayson Therrien is an award-winning filmmaker and actor. Originally from Toronto, he resides in Calgary and will participate in a Q&A after the screening.

“Run for Noah” screens Thursday, June 27th, at 5:20 pm

“Courir pour Noah” tells the story of a young family from Bromont whose life took an unexpected turn when their eldest son was born with Down Syndrome. The story of a little boy with so much to teach us, and of a determined father who braves endless miles of cold roads and doubt so that love can triumph. The 60-minute Canadian production, the all-original soundtrack and an exceptional contribution by renowned pianist Jean-Michel Blais seamlessly accompany us through the rhythms of emotion and reflection. This film, directed by Samuel T. Scofy, who hails from Quebec City, is a French-language documentary and is critically acclaimed.

“Henderson”  – Friday, June 28th, 7:10 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Director Lori Watt filmed “Henderson” in Kamloops, BC, with key crew members from Vancouver and Kamloops. The film star, Lesli Brownlee, is from Valemount, British Columbia, Canada, and later moved to Vancouver. She will attend the screening and participate in the Q&A as well. “Henderson” will play in the shorts block from 7:10 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 28th.  Director Lori Watt will attend the screening and participate in a Q&A session after the “Henderson” screening.

Lori Watt has produced several stage productions, including the Ovation award-winning Canadian Premier of Heathers: The Musical. This production also received two Jessie Richardson nominations, including best production and an inaugural diversity award, for reflecting Vancouver’s cultural makeup on stage.

Festival Highlights: The festival proudly announces its opening and closing highlights in partnership with Aegis Living, the Bruce Lee Foundation, and eoFlix. The event will commence with Cassian Elwes’ gripping docu-drama “Passenger C.” Elwes, known for producing critically acclaimed films like the “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” makes his directorial debut with a film exploring the aftermath of a tense incident on a flight from JFK to LAX. Following the screening, a Q&A session will be held with actor Jon Jacobs, who won the Seymour Cassell Award for his portrayal of Elwes.
The festival concludes with Brandt Andersen’s “The Stranger’s Case.” Andersen, known for producing “Lone Survivor” and “American Made,” makes his directorial debut with a poignant look at the struggles of several Syrian refugee families. The film, starring Omar Sy from “Luther,” will be followed by a Q&A session with producer Bryan Busse, who recently won at Berlinale with “The Stranger’s Case.”

The 9th annual Seattle Film Festival Award Show will take place on June 30 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, celebrating this year’s achievements in filmmaking.
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