Canada’s Award-winning actor Douglas Vermeeren continues to shine with the Best Actor award for his leading role in the Feature Film Jack Knife

Canada’s Award-winning actor Douglas Vermeeren continues to shine with the Best Actor award for his leading role in the Feature Film Jack Knife at the Luxury Oscar Viewing Party at the Universal Studios Hilton in Los Angeles Oscar weekend.

Douglas also graces the cover of Hollywood Weekly’s Oscars edition.

Los Angeles, California, For immediate release: Award-winning actor Douglas Vermeeren is an in-demand actor, taking the indie film circuit by storm. On March 10, 2024, Douglas won the Best Actor award for his role in the feature film Jack Knife at the Luxury Oscar Viewing Party at the Universal Studios Hilton. Jack Knife recently won Best Picture at the Indo-French International Film Festival on March 9, 2024.  This best actor award follows Douglas’ win for the best-supporting actor at the L A Crime & Horror Festival for the feature film Tenants currently doing the film festival circuit.

Douglas also graces the cover, for the third time, of Hollywood Weekly this time in the 2024 Oscar edition. Douglas has graced numerous magazine covers including Hollywood Times, West Hollywood Weekly, and Los Angeles Magazine. Recently Brit magazine credited Douglas with “His Diverse Talent and Unparalleled Dedication to the Craft of Acting.”Douglas attended Jack Knife’s Toronto premiere at TIFF Lightbox on March 3, 2024. Douglas states, ”Jack Knife was an exceptional film to work on. It was very strong in its portrayal of the racial challenges, stereotypes, and misunderstandings that so often happen in our society today.” Jack Knife is an official selection at the Crown Point International Film Festival in Chicago on June 2, 2024.

Jack Knife is a co-production from producer/writer/director Adam Jack (The Lurker, An All-American Fairytale) a multiple award-winning filmmaker. The story, set in the U.S., probes some dark terrain for Jack’s young cast that deals with many of the current race issues in our world. A young black brother and sister find themselves in the middle of a manhunt for a murderer and his drug-dealing brother. And it turns into an incredible case of mistaken identity.

Douglas has been working consistently throughout Canada, the United States, the UK, and up for roles in. He recently completed the Christmas feature film Homeless for the Holidays near Lexington, Kentucky, and previously Bikers Versus WereWolves in Nelson’s Ghost Town, Nevada.

The feature film Tenants is currently doing the film festival circuit. Douglas says: Tenants is a film that brings to mind many of the great horror anthologies. However, Tenants takes a very unique approach in how the stories are all interconnected.”

In the feature Fresh Meat, a group of influencers break into an abandoned prison and release an evil that has intentionally been locked away far from the public and now no one will be safe. Douglas plays Sherriff Bellamy in the film, who is dedicated to keeping the influencers out of the prison and when that fails he must decide how to contain the evil which has escaped.

Also in post-production, Black Creek is a feature directed by Shannon Lanier and filmed in Tuscan, Arizona. A sheriff’s sister seeks revenge against the terrifying leader of a group of outlaws after discovering he brutally murdered her brother, his wife, and other family members in a gritty southwestern town.

Douglas has also been cast in The Boy from Below a brand-new experience in terror from Filmmaker Tory Jones (Phantom Fun-World, Wicked Ones) set to start filming this March.

Douglas resides in Calgary and is available for interviews and photos upon request.

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