Aloha from Kauai!

We did it! Up and moved and fulfilled a decade long dream of owning a farm. Of course, we never imagined the farm would be a pineapple/ citrus/ avocado farm…

This isn’t any ordinary 40 Girls Guide update/video. Instead I want to introduce you to my new digs, and new life adventure on the tropical aisle of Kauai — with my 2 crazy kids, Tyde and Canyen, and my husband, TV/ DP cameraman turned farmer, Josh.

Suffice to say, it’s been a whirlwind. We have moved to one of the most alive places on the planet, a green zone, feminine and abundant, it radiates the frequency of the heart. Despite this being a wild and unexpected transition that has placed me completely outside my comfort zone, there is a visceral experience here of being taken care of. The trade winds are heavenly, the rain is cleansing, the sun is nourishing, the flora is abundant with delicious offerings of every tropical fruit, all this fulfills the most base needs of the body, and the soul. Mahalo Hawaii!


Mele Kalikimaha!

T’is the season for all good things and I truly hope that’s what’s happening for you. Christmas is about the heart, love and goodwill toward all. Open that heart of yours, create space for novelty, deepen friendships, tighten bonds with loved ones, show gratitude however you can, be generous in spirit, and align yourself with nature, source, creation — this is the key to health, healing and happiness.

How will you do that this holiday season? How will you enter 2018?

  • You can start by committing to a daily gratitude mantra and/or meditation (see today’s video).
  • Breathe. Just breathe. Prana is life. Find moments, several, every day to clear/cleanse and breathe deeply for a few minutes, no thinky!
  • Do our FitFab Detox this January 2018 — email me for details. There is no deep healing without cleansing first.
  • Try something completely outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to be as nutty as to move to a foreign country, just know nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

Meantime, know that 40 Girl’s Guide to Health is back in action after a three month, move-to-a-new-country, hiatus. I owe you Hormones Part 2 and will send that next week, then expect regular updates with in-depth research and the latest health information relevant to you!! Believe me, you will love it, Kauai is a mecca of health. The people here are all about living to 100 and have cool and unique ways of doing so — which I plan to share with you.

Also, and I stress this big-time, you must cleanse/ detox/ drain to heal. January brings endless resolutions toward optimum health, and most fail because they do not detox first. Tossing quality vitamins into a trashcan does little good. No one is calling you trash, you are a love bucket, that is most likely getting stinky.

The cold hard fact is, the world is polluted and so are we. Your morning smoothie and dinner salad will not protect you from the 1000’s of manmade chemicals we are exposed to daily. My advice? Detox. And watch my Love Your Liver episode. Gut Girl/ Marlies and I will be doing our online, group FitFab Detox mid-January 2018. It is so effective, ask anyone who did in June. Email me!

I’m grateful to all of you for reading this, for being in my life, even if only electronically. Please drop me a note on Facebook or Instagram or email me to join the Detox Tribe.

Love, hugs, peace & happiness during this most magical time of year.
xx Shannon

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