Actor Donia Kash supporting role on Hallmark Channel and Women’s Network

Actor Donia Kash supporting role as Jax on MOW Hearts in the Game will air on Hallmark Channel and Women’s Network on April 29th at 8 pm PST.

Donia is a part of ABC’s A Million Little Things in the role of Meetra, a Tattoo artist

Actor, Donia Kash has an upcoming supporting role as Jax in the Hallmark Channel original movie Hearts in the Game.  Jax is assistant to Publicist Hazel (Erin Cahill) and works with some large and high-profile clients. Hazel has the challenge to rehab the image of MLB player Diego (Marco Grazzini), who just so happens to be her former flame!  Jax is an amazing character who can spread positivity and joy in the film Hearts in the Game. Jax offers some comic relief in scenes where the characters are all dealing with big emotions. Jax is good at spinning stories as they are spinning their mouth. Everyone on set was open to Donia jumping in and giving their goofy spin on the events during takes.   Hearts in the Game will air on Hallmark Channel and Women’s Network on April 29th at 8 PM EST.

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An executive producer on the movie says, “Donia brought both humor and heart to the role of Jax.  The chemistry between Donia and our Hazel, Erin Cahill, was magical from the start. That boss/assistant/friend relationship was so important to our story, and Donia was tonally perfect. They made us laugh and tear up at all the right moments.”

Donia has also appeared in other Hallmark movies including The Secrets of Bella Vista. Donia adds, “These projects and experiences have opened me up as a person. The opportunity to play Suzette in The Secrets of Bella Vista taught me the hard shell of a heart that I am moving through this particular world that easily expresses love and the importance of family on the screen.

Donia is a part of ABC’s A Million Little Things in the role of Meetra, a Tattoo artist alongside Cameron Esposito’s character Greta, Greta falls back in love with their high school friend Katherine (Grace Park). The heartwarming show created by D.J. Nash & Terence Coli with Directing Producer Joanna Kerns kept bringing Donia back for their deadpan comedy acting. 

Other guest-starring roles for Donia include So Help Me Todd, Motherland: Fort Salem, Debris, and The Holiday Sitter. Other TV credits include Yasmina (2018), The Diversion (2019), Fall Down(2019), In My Hair (2019), Snowpiercer (2020), The Calming (2020), Enby (2021), Mara’s Reality (2021), Xmas (2022), and The 100 (2020).

When not acting Donia is a filmmaker. They are most proud of the short film Ketchup with Me: which they have written, directed, and produced and showcases a queer relationship and explores unspoken relationship dynamics. The film is a story of the experiences Donia had and how life is not like the movies they grew up on. Ketchup with Me explores internalized homophobia and the struggles of modern love. They recently premiered at the Pink Lobster Film Festival in New Brunswick and will be screening in several film festivals in 2023. 

Donia also starred in the short film Magic Trick. It will be screening at the Silicon Valley Queer film festival in May. The film has previously screened at the Pride Queer Fest, Spokane, Boston, Ottawa Canadian Festival. 

Donia Kash is an out and proud agender actor. Donia knew that they wanted to be a performer from when they were young and performed Karate in the Mall. At the time, their dream job was to be a Power Ranger and this felt like the closest career jump. Donia is a graduate of Capilano University, and previously trained with Russell Porter at First Step Acting. They continue to train with Andrew McIlroy and McIlroy and Associates and won a Best Performance award for Asal at Emily Carr.

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Donia is available for interviews upon request.  

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