Actor Charles Andrew Payne LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST Actor Charles Andrew Payne

Actor Charles Andrew Payne is Pastor Bruce Barnes in the feature film LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST coming to theatres nationwide beginning Thursday, January 26th, 2023.

Charles stars alongside Kevin Sorbo, Neal McDonough, and Corbin Bernsen

Actor Charles Andrew Payne has a vast resume. One of his proudest roles is Pastor Bruce Barnes in the feature film LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST. Pastor Barnes is the bedrock of the story, a man torn between the faith he professes and what he believes. His family is taken in the rapture, but he has been left behind. Charles also narrates the film as his character Pastor Barnes.

LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST is coming to theaters nationwide beginning Thursday, January 26. Charles joins a stellar cast. Starring Kevin Sorbo (GOD’S NOT DEAD, SOUL SURFER), Neal McDonough (MINORITY REPORT, “Arrow,” TIMELINE), Corbin Bernsen (“Psych,” MAJOR LEAGUE, “The Resident”), Bailey Chase (“Longmire,” “Saving Grace”), Greg Perrow (ACTOR FOR HIRE, THOSE WHO KILL), Sarah Fisher (“Degrassi: The Next Generation,” ROXY) and Sam Sorbo (LET THERE BE LIGHT, HOPE BRIDGE, MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS), LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST is the next chapter of the mega-hit LEFT BEHIND film franchise, based on the 80 million-copy New York Times bestselling book series of the same name. 

LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST is directed by Kevin Sorbo and written by Paul Lalonde, John Patus and Jessica Parker. It is produced by Paul Lalonde, Michael Walker, Ed Clydesdale, James Quattrochi, Jason Wan Lim and John Duffy in association with AMCOMRI Entertainment Inc., Polyscope Pictures and Stonagal Pictures Inc. 

LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST delivers an updated storyline from the 2014 LEFT BEHIND movie starring Nicolas Cage, which earned more than 30 million worldwide at the box office. The sequel shows how today’s events set the stage for the return of Christ and the coming apocalypse.

Past television series and feature films include Miracle In East Texas where Charles played Reverend Reece. He had the role of Jock on the television series Wynona Earp and the role of Darryl in The Surrogate While living in Vancouver one of the roles he most enjoyed was playing Breeze on MacGyver with Richard Dean Anderson and worked with Richard again on Stargate. He had the pleasure of working with Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street in one of his earlier TV roles. He also worked with Kevin Sorbo on Andromeda and Miracle in East Texas. He joined both Pam Grier and Snoop Dog on The L – Word. A fun fact is that Charles often gets mistaken for Samuel L Jackson. People get mad when he tells them “I’m not him”. Considering Samuel is 20-plus years older and taller, “I think it will be a great day when he gets mistaken for me, then I’ll know I’ve made it.” add Charles.

As a professional comedian, Charles has toured across Canada and the USA, appearing as a featured headliner at comedy clubs and festivals. He speaks at corporate events providing talks on various business topics, perseverance, and resiliency, weaving in comedy and storytelling styles. His writings have been featured in various publications and produced on the theatrical stage as well as on television. Payne was the head writer and starred in the Rosie-nominated (Best Web Series 2017), and The Parent Council (2018). He is the writer and co-producer of the short film Choice, which will be out in 2023.

Payne co-founded Vancouver’s The Fox & Hounds Theatre Company and has appeared in most of their productions, as well as producing and directing several shows. Charles was born in Grenada and moved to Canada when he was nine. He grew up in Richmond BC where he started acting as a child, intrigued by the art of storytelling after seeing Grease in the theatres, he knew that he wanted to be part of that world.  Charles trained with teachers Michael David Simms, and Alex Bruhanski as well as at the Gastown Actors Studio and Company of Rogues A fitness enthusiast who works out regularly and loves hot yoga and running. Pretty adept in the kitchen he loves to cook. Movies and books are his outlets and escape. Charles is married and resides in Calgary Alberta. 

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