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IndustryWorks Studios and WeatherVane Productions enter into major co-funding agreement

IndustryWorks Studios “IndustryWorks” is pleased to announce the recent co-funding and distribution agreement with WeatherVane Productions. IndustryWorks and WeatherVane Productions have entered into a US$50MM agreement to co-fund a slate of Feature Films and Television programming over the next 24 months. The deal will also include a generous P&A fund for select features for Domestic distribution. IndustryWorks will handle sales and distribution, both for domestic and international.

The deal was negotiated between John Curtis, COO on behalf of IndsutryWorks and Ross Marroso, Senior VP of Marketing and Development and Jason VanEman, President, WeatherVane Productions.

“This deal culminated from a long standing relationship with mutual parties and we are very excited about working with WeatherVane on not only this significant slate but on many other projects utilizing the synergies of both companies” – John Curtis, COO, IWS.

“This is the start to a great relationship that we expect to build upon, as we continue to strive to bring commercial films with that special creative flair, to the market place”. – Evan Tylor, President, IWS.

“Putting together a deal like this is something that WeatherVane Productions has been looking to do since coming into the market with at risk equity.  We are extremely excited to be producing with IndustryWorks.  This deal allows us to invest our equity into solid entertainment projects, keep our producer friendly finance model, and give WeatherVane Productions the security of guaranteed distribution that any producer and investor looks for.” – Jason Van Eman, President, WeatherVane Productions, Inc.

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IndustryWorks is a fully integrated Distribution, Production, Finance and New Media, worldwide content provider. IndustryWorks sets itself apart by having a keen sense of recognizing the potential in projects for distribution and is dedicated to releasing unique and marketable content to the world market place. The Company has several in-house projects in development and acquires films from producers around the world. IndustryWorks distributes its content through all media outlets, including box office, VOD, SVOD, broadcast, airlines, internet and digital platforms, retail and rental outlets.  www.industry-works.com

WeatherVane Productions, Inc. is a private investment production company specializing in entertainment and other non-entertainment related projects. Principals Jason Van Eman and Ross Marroso are committed to partnering with various producers and financiers to build the most advantageous finance plans for any and all media and entertainment projects. Most recently, WeatherVane announced “Royal Ice,” based on a story by Prince Albert II of Monaco, Scarlett Johannson’s directorial debut with “Summer Crossing,” and the new Penn and Teller Broadway show, Ben McConley, Ross Marroso and Jason Van Eman to executive produce.

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