First-ever Directors Guild of Canada B.C. District Council Directors Showcase Weekend set to take place this September in Vancouver

Members’ films will be screening at Vancity Theatre from September 7th to 9th

Vancouver, August 13, 2018 – The Directors Guild of Canada British Columbia (DGC BC), is pleased to announce an exciting new event for the film industry: The First Annual DGC BC Directors Guild of Canada B.C. District Council Directors Showcase Weekend. The event will be held in the weeks before VIFF and will showcase the work of B.C. Council members, both present and past.  This anticipated first-time event will take place September 7, 8 & 9. All screenings will be held at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver International Film Centre.  Screenings will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with matinee and evening showtimes, along with receptions on the Friday and Saturday evenings between the movies.

The Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia District Council takes a great deal of pride in the work of all of our Members.  With that established sense of pride in our colleagues, we are delighted to present a weekend filled with screenings of the works of Directors that reside here in British Columbia.

The contributions made by these filmmakers represent an effort and an expertise that equals some of the best cinematic work created anywhere. The films chosen for this premiere event run a gamut of styles, genres and eras.  The contribution the DGC BC has chosen to make is to keep these films relevant in the public sphere by introducing them to new audiences, as well as offering the opportunity for many of us to reacquaint ourselves with them.

We invite you to join us for this weekend celebration of cinema, right here in Vancouver, with films from those artists who are colleagues to us in the DGC BC, and perhaps neighbours and friends to many of you.

Tickets to the weekend’s screenings are available by visiting:

Directors available for press interviews and attending screenings and/or receptions:

  • Allan Harmon representing DGCBC
  • Boris Ivanov – On Putin’s Blacklist
  • Nimisha Mukerji – In The Deep
  • Zach Lipovsky- Crazy Late
  • Rachel Talalay – Tank Girl
  • Vic Sarin – Keepers of the Magic
  • Charles Wilkinson Haida Gwaii – On The Edge Of The World
  • Richard Martin – BackBone
  • Anne Wheeler – Bye Bye Blues (prior to September 1st)
  • Julia Kwan – Eve and the Firehorse

Phone interviews can be coordinated with directors unable to attend the screenings.

Please let us know if you would like to attend a screening and/or the Friday or Saturday night reception so we can reserve a ticket for you.  See the full schedule below.

For more information, interviews and photos please contact: | 604-726-5575


For more information on DGCBC, please contact: Andrea Moore |

Full Schedule

Day Time Member Film
Friday, Sept 7 Doors open 5:30 p.m.
6:30 – 8:00 Vic Sarin Keepers of the Magic
8:00 – 8:45 Reception
8:45 – 10:45 Anne Wheeler Bye Bye Blues
Saturday, Sept 8 Doors open 12:30 p.m.
1:30 – 3:00 Jem Garrard The Wolf Who Came to Dinner
DGC BC Shorts Gary Hawes The Money Pet
Roy Hayter Grave Decisions
Zach Lipovsky Crazy Late
Nimisha Mukerji In the Deep
3:45 – 4:45 Richard Martin BackBone
5:15 – 6:45 Charles Wilkinson Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
6:45 – 8:00 Reception
8:00 – 10:00 Rachel Talalay Tank Girl
Sunday, Sept 9 Doors open 3:00 p.m.
4:00 – 6:00 Julia Kwan Eve and the Firehorse
6:30 – 8:00 Boris Ivanov On Putin’s Blacklist





Film Synopsis:


Keepers of the Magic

This groundbreaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema’s most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honours the great masters of cinematography—unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right before our eyes. Legendary cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro, Roger Deakins, Gordon Willis, and John Seale share their stories and some of cinema’s most memorable images.

Bye Bye Blues

Director Anne Wheeler’s most famous and honoured film is a delicate, upbeat and unapologetic World War II romance set to the music of a Prairie swing band. When her husband is transferred to Singapore, Daisy (Rebecca Jenkins) is deposited back home in Alberta with their two kids and an old piano. In need of work, Daisy starts playing with a local dance band. Photographed by Vic Sarin, this is an evocative, finely tuned romance.

Backbone: Vancouver Experimental Cinema 1967-1981

Celebrating artistic innovation in Vancouver from 1967 to 1981, this documentary follows a period when Canada was an international hub for experimental film. Vancouver artists, on Canada’s west coast, had a particularly dynamic scene that inspired an enduring body of work that resonates today. Featuring Alex MacKenzie, Dr Ron Burnett, Colin Browne, Stan Fox and Peg Campbell.

Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World

If you have never visited Haida Gwaii then this is a great place to start. Charles Wilkinson’s stunning cinematography vividly captures the raw beauty of this very special part of the world. It is also, of course, a battlefield, though Wilkinson finds reasons to hope that First Nations’ long-view of environmental sustainability can prevail over short-term economic interest. Audience Award winner: VIFF

Tank Girl

Decades before Fury Road, Lori Petty’s shaven headed Tank Girl waged post-apocalyptic rebellion in this film maudit based on the cult British comic book. Director Rachel Talalay (now of Dr Who fame) went all out in her determination to make “the ultimate grrrl movie”, only to suffer unkindly cuts from the studio brass. But even then, there’s nothing quite like this big, brash feminist action fantasy. Ice T plays a mutant kangaroo. Bjork, Joan Jett, and Devo mix it up on the soundtrack.

Eve and the Firehorse

In Julia Kwan’s award-winning first feature Eve is a precocious 9-year-old girl with a wild imagination growing up in a traditional Chinese immigrant family in Vancouver. Confucian doctrines, superstition and divine visions abound. When Buddhism and Catholicism are thrown into the mix, life for Eve and her 11-year-old sister escalates into a fantasia of catastrophe, sainthood and social confusion. “One of the most enchanting and memorable films made in this country.” Jennie Punter, Globe & Mail

On Putin’s Blacklist

Wonder how adoption became mixed up with human rights and US election conspiracies? Boris Ivanov’s lucid but enraging documentary is a depressing portrait of Russia today, where propaganda and demonization of the “other” result in institutionalized racism and homophobia, and innocent orphans are caught up in a cultural Cold War.


DGC BC Showcase: Short Films Program

The Wolf Who Came to Dinner: Bea Barkley is an eight-year-old horror fanatic with a serious problem: her mom’s brought her new boyfriend home to meet the family, and no-one but Bea seems to notice he’s a werewolf.

The Money Pet: After his mutt accidentally eats some loose change, a man is soon bewildered to discover that his furry companion has passed the currency with compounded interest.

Grave Decisions: not available

Crazy Late: Jimmy Smith wakes up 5 minutes late for his own wedding with 4 blocks between him and the rest of his life.

In the Deep: Jodi’s mother passed away five years ago, and since then, her father has pretty well stopped living himself. Arriving unannounced on his doorstep one day, with shattering news of her own, Jodi is determined to make the most of the time they have left.

 The Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council (DGC BC)

The Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council (DGC BC) represents the creative and logistical personnel in the film and television industry in British Columbia. The DGC BC Collective Agreement covers the categories of Director, 2nd Unit Director, Production & Unit Manager, plus those employed in the various Assistant Director and Locations Departments.

The Vancouver Premiere of the Musical Comedy PAGEANT boldly pits six contestants as they pursue the tiara & title, running from August 18th to September 8th 

The Vancouver Premiere of the Musical Comedy PAGEANT boldly pits six contestants as they pursue the tiara & title, running from August 18th to September 8th

This Beauty Contest lets you be the Judge!

Something Extra Collective digs into classical satire with PAGEANT – a Musical Comedy!  A 90-minute, one-act romp, it plays at the Blake Snyder Theatre at Go Studios 112 E. 3rd Avenue in Vancouver, B.C. from August 18th to September 8th.

Boldly pitting six contestants in pursuit of the tiara and title “Miss Glamouresse”, there will be cross-gender casting and celebrity judges culled from the audience! This pageant is like nothing you’ve seen before – a cheeky peek into beauty contests, in high-heels through the ridiculous to expose what pageants so often were: thinly-veiled advertisements requiring little wit and lots of skin to Sell! Sell! Sell!

PAGEANT is produced and directed by Christopher Shyer Johnston. Christopher is a well-known actor and Co-Produced “City of Angels” at Performance Works, Executive Produced and Co-Directed “The Wild Party” at the Anza Club,Co-Produced the Tennessee Williams Festival featuring “Night of the Iguana” at Playwright’s Theatre Centre, “Summer and Smoke” at the Firehall Arts Centre and Co-Produced/Directed a Charity Fundraising Concert for the Stanley Park Ecology Society entitled “Into the Woods.”

PAGEANT will mark the Vancouver premiere of the show, featuring a diverse cast of industry professionals and fresh faces from across North America. Cast members include: Kelly-Ruth Mercier, Graeme Thompson, Max Hall, Simon Paterson, Javier Ricardo Sotres Porres, Kenneth Tynan, Ryan Purdy, and Derry Oshust. Creative Crew includes: Amy Gartner, Ken Overbey, Christopher Shyer Johnston, Chris Lam, Ian Crowe, Kimmie Blais, Stellina Rusich, Jorge Louise Taracena, Demi Pedersen, Brendan Lowe, Tracy Cake, Natalee Fera, Victoria Bahnuk, Simone Boutin, Megan Sadler, and Jennifer Copping. PAGEANT is written by Bill Russell and Frank Kelly, music by Albert Evans, and was conceived by Robert Longbottom

PAGEANT will be performed at the Blake Snyder Theatre @Go Studios 112 E. 3rd Ave, around the corner from ‘Earnest Ice Cream Shop” on Quebec Street, and close to the Olympic Village & Main St. Skytrain Station.


For press passes, interviews, photos please contact: Lesley Diana || 604-726-5575





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  • Hilary Levey Friedman (com): “Women no longer have to walk on stage in front of millions in a bikini and high heels to earn scholarship money. (Pageants have) been about artifice and contradiction: Wear a swimsuit, but don’t swim in it. Do not go barefoot in said non-swimming bathing suit, instead wear 6-inch heels. Look slender and muscular, but not too thin and not too strong. Compete for college scholarships, but work on your six-pack first. After all, you’ll be showing as much skin as a college student on spring break.”
  • When Jean Genet wrote The Maidsin the 1940’s, the sight of men playing women “was… disturbing” (notes Campbell Robertson of the NYT in his review) and nowadays is “merely diverting,” but Genet surely would have approved of whatever interpretation that resulted in something “…voyeuristic and disconcerting.”  <>
  • In the ancient Greek play, The Bacchae, Euripides portrays the downfall of King Pentheus as including the donning of women’s clothes before he heads to his death in the hills. Until very recently – perhaps even only the last 15 years – the sight of a man in women’s clothes (outside of a drag show) still carried with it some surprise.
  • There are dozens of examples of cross-dressing in Shakepeare’s plays. Never was there intent to ridicule; rather, the juxtaposition of a character representing themselves as something opposite to their own sexual identity was to take up a discussion beyond the plot.
  • M*A*S*H’s double-negative use of drag revealed, in the character of Sgt Klinger, that the donning of heels could not be viewed as an indication of insanity, and that a person’s character cannot – should not – be kept down or swept aside.


Nicole Oliver joins an ensemble cast in the much anticipated Sci-Fi Web Series “NarcoLeap” airing on TELUS Optik TV On Demand July 15th

Nicole also steps behind the camera voice directing three projects for YouTube, Netflix and PBS as well as continuing to voice numerous characters and on camera roles

Nicole Oliver joins a stellar cast in KGP Films sci-fi web series NarcoLeap. In the series Chelsey Reist (The 100) plays the lead role of Kelsey Atkins who suffers from narcolepsy and finds herself thrust into a world of espionage when she discovers that during her lucid dreams, she is actually commandeering the bodies of real people across the globe. Nicole joins Aleks Paunovic (War for the Planet of the Apes/Van Helsing), Madison Smith (Aftermath/ Frozen In Love), and Austin Eckert (Colony/The Flash) in the series. NarcoLeap is female driven content pushing boundaries in this sci-fi genre. Kelsey Atkin’s story is of a young woman learning to control her own future. Audiences can watch all eight episodes of NarcoLeap on TELUS Optik TV On Demand and NarcoLeap’s YouTube Channel on starting July 15th.

We will also see Nicole in an upcoming role on CBC’s new miniseries event entitled Unspeakable about the tainted blood scandal in the 80s and 90s in Canada.

With several hundred credits on imdb, Nicole isn’t one to sit still. Nicole is currently voice directing three new animated projects for YouTube, Netflix and PBS with projected 2018/19 release dates.

Nicole’s has worked alongside impressive A-list actors. She has a role as Jack Will’s mother (Noah Jupe) in Wonder, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay. In My Little Pony she joins an all-star voice cast including Emily Blunt, Kristin Cheoweth, Liev Schreiber, Michael Pena, Sia, Tay Diggs, Uzo Aduba and Zoe Saldana

Other career highlights include a lead role in the acclaimed film festival circuit indie-gem Marrying the Family (VIFF, Long beach Indie FF, Texas FF), and expanded her diverse entertainment career in the role of Britney Spears’ mother Lynne Spears in the Lifetime Movie Britney Ever After. Starring Natasha Bassett, the movie follows the tumultuous story of pop icon Britney Spears’ rise to fame.

In addition to acting on screen Nicole is one of the most sought after voice over actors in demand for her voice-over roles in cartoons both on the small screen (LEGO Nexo Knights, Kate & Mim Mim) and big screen (Seth Rogen’s “Sausage Party”), Princess Celestia on “My Little Pony: The Movie” She is the recipient of the UBCP/ACTRA award for Best Voice for her work in animation.

Nicole has guest starred on numerous television series including Supernatural, Rogue, and Somewhere Between She has also starred in many MOW’s including Radio Hype starring Alison Sweeney, Lifetime’s Ungodly Acts, The Christmas Ornament starring Cameron Mathison and Kellie Martin, The Woodcarver with John Ratzenberger; Taken Back – Finding Haley with Amanda Tapping and Innocent with Bill Pullman and Marcia Gay Harden. For four seasons, Nicole was also the host on the hit Slice Network series Crash Test Mommy. A highlight for Nicole was acting alongside her young son, William Ainscough, who starred as Billy in City TV’s Seed for two seasons.

Well known throughout the world at Brony and Fan Conventions as Princess Celestia and Cheerilee on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Zoe on the cartoon Littlest Pet Shop, her acclaimed voice-over work continues to thrive. In animation, she has popular roles on Bob The Builder, and Lego Elves, and will continue to appear in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She has provided her voice to over 100 companies including American Express, Starbucks, Salon Selectives, Club House, and IKEA.

Nicole Oliver has worked for over twenty years in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and director. This multi-talented, incredibly busy mother and professional has mastered the balance between family and work, and has furthered her education with a Masters of Arts in Communication from Royal Roads University (2011). She is the recipient of both the Founders Award for leadership and sustainability and the Chancellors Award for highest academic achievement.

Nicole Oliver is available for interviews upon request.

For interviews, photos and more information please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726- 5575

Nicole Oliver’s headshot photo credit: Kristine Cofsky

Casting requests: Red Management – Murray Gibson|

Nicole Oliver Handles:

Ronnie Negus, a passionate philanthropist best known for her role on ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’, is celebrating turning 50 this September and 3 years sober 

Ronnie Negus, best known for her role on the hit series ‘The Real Housewives of Vancouver’, is making inspiring lifestyle changes and sharing her experience with love, sobriety, and aging with women around the world. Ronnie got caught up in the drama of working on a TV series that encouraged drinking and partying for ratings, resulting in longtime relationships unraveling, and her drinking being exposed to up the ratings. Since the show wrapped, her marriage has dissolved, like many of the housewives on the popular TV series brand. The statistics of the number of the ‘Housewives’ cast members who have been divorced is shocking. Sadly, Ronnie is one of the statistics.  It hasn’t been easy for her, as she says she was married to her ‘best friend’, but that all dissolved after the show ended.

Ronnie is now willing to share her private struggle, which played out publically on television, by opening up about overcoming her issues with alcohol and the breakup of her marriage.

Sober for three years and turning 50 in September, Ronnie is using this milestone to spread an important message to her: that no matter what they have been through, there is always a way to turn your life around in a positive way. Her lifestyle has significantly improved since she has stopped drinking, and she is hoping to help others accomplish the same. Using herself as an example, Ronnie talks to groups and shares her story on social media to women and men around the world.  As the Vancouver Housewives series has aired in countries ranging from England to Australia, her fan base is global, and she has been sharing her help and experience worldwide.

As a lifelong advocate of health and wellness, Ronnie encourages others to incorporate proper nutrition and exercise into their lifestyles. An icon of natural beauty, Ronnie is collaborating to launch Ronnie Negus-endorsed supplements.

Ronnie has a passion for home décor and fashion.  She has renovated and designed a number of homes, including her current waterfront home on the shores of the Pacific in West Vancouver. In her travels, she has made many international fashion friends that include designers Stella McCartney and Paul Tracey.

Ronnie is also an involved community member and philanthropist. She sat on the Board of Directors for the BC Centre for Ability, a cause she donated her salary from the television series to. She has also contributed to the BC Children’s Hospital. A longtime Seahawks fan, she now sits on the Seattle Seahawks’ 12 North Sports Classic, helping to raise money for Special Olympics and other causes. The event brings together celebrities and professional athletes from various sports to British Columbia, Canada every summer for a series of unique, fun events. Over the last 9 years, they have raised over $100,000 through the event, and hosted sports clinics that have engaged more than 2,000 youth.

Although helping others is a passion of hers, Ronnie’s most important work is that of being a mother to her four children.

Ronnie is eager to continue sharing her journey, in an effort to inspire others. She is available for speaking engagements upon request.

For more information, media requests, photographs and interview coordination, please contact:

Jasmyn Rowley e. p. 705-255-6887

Social Media Handles:

Photo Credit to Karolina Turek


The hour-long series, produced by Great Pacific Media for Corus Entertainment’s HGTV Canada, turns the worst houses on the block into stunning forever homes

Sebastian Sevallo and Mickey Fabbiano – the Leo Award-winning hosts of the BC-filmed home renovation show Worst to First

Vancouver / June 25, 2018 – Great Pacific Media is pleased to announce that HGTV Canada’s original home renovation series Worst to First is now casting homeowners and buyers in the Lower Mainland for its second season.

Worst to First sees best friends, professional contractors, and the charismatic 2018 Leo Award winners for ‘Best Hosts in an Information, Lifestyle or Reality Program or Series’, Sebastian Sevallo and Mickey Fabbiano, take on the challenge of transforming the most undesirable house on the block into a beautiful forever home.

Everyone wants a move-in ready dream home, but with sky-high real estate prices in a hot market, it’s just not possible for most homeowners. That’s where Mickey and Sebastian come in. This duo thrives on the challenge of transforming fixer-uppers into the envy of the neighbourhood.

Homeowners or people currently shopping for a home in the Greater Vancouver Regional District can apply for a chance to receive a dream renovation. Applicants chosen to appear in Season 2 of Worst to First will be provided with expert design services and a stunning renovation in only 5-6 weeks. If selected, approximately a $40,000 contribution (cash and in-kind) will be made by production towards labour and materials. To qualify, homeowners must be buying/renovating a “fixer-upper” property and have a minimum renovation/design budget of $70,000. Candidates must be energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to be on camera for approximately 5-6 days for filming over a 5-6 week period. They must be available periodically for on-camera interviews as the renovation progresses between August 2018 and January 2019. To apply to be on Worst to First, click here.

Eligible applicants will receive further details upon approval.

Worst to First is produced by Thunderbird-owned Canadian production company Great Pacific Media in association with Corus Studios for HGTV Canada.


Sebastian Sevallo and Mickey Fabbiano are available for interviews, appearances, and speaking engagements upon request.

For more information, photos and interview requests please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

Julie MacFarlane I Corus Entertainment | I 416-860-4876

Social Media Handles:


June 15, 2018 – White Rock/Vancouver – Dale Harding of Pizzazz International is pleased to announce that sixteen-year-old Amber Mathiesen, a student at Semiahmoo Secondary in White Rock, has signed a modeling contract with Sherry’s Agency and will be off to China for the summer.

Amber started her training at Pizzazz School/Agency in 2014. She embraced her knowledge and has participated in local work including fashion shows, print advertising & editorial for the past several years in and around the lower mainland.  In both 2016 and 2017 Amber attended Faces West Model & Talent Competition.  She had 17 callbacks from modeling agencies that were at Faces West from around the world.  Amber was second runner-up in the Sports Competitions.

Having caught the eye of the many International agents it is with much excitement that Amber heads to China for the summer to model and fulfill bookings. Her mother Terri will accompany her.

Amber is available for interviews upon request.

About Pizzazz International School of Personal Development

Established in 1979, Pizzazz International is a School of Personal Development, Modelling & Acting dedicated to the importance of Education. For the last 39 years Dale Harding. Pizzazz International has been travelling with her models and actors to the most prestigious events held in New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Many Pizzazz models have moved from modelling to become actors as well as entertainers on stage and the music industry. Pizzazz makes a strong statement that excellent training does make a difference and all models/actors should be educated about the industry when deciding to pursue it.  As Harding states, “Modeling is much more than a pretty face”

Pizzazz International is always scouting for new faces and talent to prepare for the next major event. Summer classes registrations are underway.

To schedule a personal interview with Amber, information, and photos please contact:

Dale Harding

Pizzazz International

Headshot photo credit: Dale Rolling

Camille Mitchell Nominated for a Leo Award

Camille Mitchell is nominated for a Leo Award for Best Guest Performance by a Female – Dramatic Series for her recurring role as Esperanza on ABC’s Somewhere Between

The award-winning director/actor also has a guest role on Syfy’s “Van Helsing” this fall

Award-winning actor Camille Mitchell is nominated for Best Guest Performance by a Female – Dramatic Series at the upcoming Leo Awards, for her role as Esperanza on ABC’s Somewhere Between. After the first cast reading of the script, she was rendered speechless. The show’s talented creator and executive producer, Stephen Tolkin, told Camille, “I wrote this role for you.”

In the recurring role of Esperanza, Camille plays a crazy, hip, alcoholic mother who is in recovery at a chic rehab center for celebrities. Esperanza tries to mend her relationship with her daughter, played by Paula Patton, all while dallying with one of the male nurses at the center, certainly making it an interesting role to play.

In stark contrast, Camille recently finished a lovely guest-starring role, playing refined Mrs. Fontleroy, on SyFy Channel’s Van Helsing. She appears in the episode entitled “I Awake”, directed by executive producer Michael Nankin, with whom she previously worked with on Caprica.

Although acting is her first love, after her son was grown, Camille embraced filmmaking with her first short film, A Mother’s Love. The short won her Canada’s Crazy 8s Film Competition and numerous accolades at festivals around the world, including the Madrid International Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival and London’s Best Drama Award at the SuperShorts International Film Festival.

A year later, Camille couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pursue her Master’s degree in Production and Feature Film, when she received a scholarship to Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. “I was the oldest person in the classroom with over thirty years experience in the industry. The profs didn’t really know what to do with me,” says Camille. She quickly proved her talent transcended from in front of the lens, to behind it as well, with Camille winning the Best Shorts Film Competition and 2016 Award of Merit for her second short film, By the Fountain, which also screened at the 2016 New York City International Film Festival, the 2016 People’s Film Festival of Harlem, and at the 2016 Marche du Film in Cannes with Camille in attendance.

Camille has garnered extraordinary acclaim for her versatility onstage and onscreen. Perhaps best known on television for her Leo Award nominated role portraying tough-talking Sheriff Nancy Adams on the CW’s hit television show Smallville for five seasons, she also appeared onstage as a leading lady at the Stratford and Shaw festivals, where she was hailed her as “a gift to the theater” by the London Times.

Camille won Canada’s Jessie Award for her portrayal of Ariel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” opposite Gordon Pinsent and was also nominated for Best Actress Awards for Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Madame Tourvel in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses,” and Elizabeth in “The Crucible.”

Born in Santa Monica to Hollywood star Cameron Mitchell and Viennese actress Camille Janclaire, Camille was raised in Vancouver, Canada, and studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England.

Camille is available for interviews and photos upon request.

Please contact: Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575


Camille Mitchell Demo Reel

Camille Mitchell IMDb

Somewhere Between IMDb

Eli Bennett, to the stage please!

Eli Bennett, to the stage please!

The Leo Awards are pleased to announce that Eli Bennett reprises as Music Director for the 2018 Celebration Awards Ceremony Two and the Gala Awards Ceremony.This award-winning musical talent will be joined by the Leo Awards Band with a new look and swagger, and of course, swinging tunes!

Read more about Eli Bennett and his band on our website. Or better, listen to them in person at the Leo Awards! We look forward to seeing and celebrating with you!




Due to demand, we are working on opening up more seating on a first come, first served basis. Please email to be added to the waitlist. Ticketing for Celebration Awards Ceremony One officially closes at 5pm today, May 23.


Tickets to the LEO AWARDS on June 2 and 3 are now available! Tickets can be purchased online through the 2018 LEO AWARDS website.

The Leo Awards have once again partnered with Artspoints Rewards to manage its ticketing. Each ticket purchased for the Leo Awards is eligible to earn Artspoints which can be redeemed for participating arts events and performances in Vancouver.

Need to know on which evening your award is presented? Check the Awards by Evening at the Leo Awards website. Good luck and congratulations to all the Nominees!


The LEO AWARDS 2018 will once again take place at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

  • Celebration Awards One: Saturday, May 26
  • Celebration Awards Two: Saturday, June 2
  • Gala Awards: Sunday, June 3

Preferred pricing for overnight stays is available (based on space capacity at time of booking) for LEO AWARDS guests wishing to reserve an overnight booking at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. Book via this exclusive link for LEO AWARDS guest.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Bravo to our 2018 sponsors, for they help make the LEO AWARDS possible!


  •             Bardel Entertainment
  •             Capilano University Film Centre
  •             Casting Workbook
  •             Canadian Media Producers Association
  •             Core Music Agency
  •             CVD VFX
  •             Front Row Insurance
  •             Lapham Sales & Rentals
  •             Lighthouse Pictures
  •             Line 21 Media Services
  •             Lucas Talent
  •             On Set Headsets
  •             Pinewood Sound
  •             Play Management
  •             Postal Audio
  •             Rainmaker Entertainment
  •             RED Management
  •             Screen Composers Guild of Canada
  •             Sim International
  •             Stunts Canada
  •             Stuntlist Canada
  •             Teamsters 155
  •             The Characters Talent Agency
  •             The Ridge Film Studios
  •             Vancouver Musicians’ Association
  •             William F. White
  •             Writers Guild of Canada

The Leo Awards are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of recognizing excellence in BC film and television

The Leo Awards are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of recognizing excellence in BC film and television

This year’s celebrations will include three ceremonies at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, culminating in the Gala Awards on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 hosted by Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson 

Photo by Phillip Chin

The Leo Awards are celebrating 20 years of honoring the best in British Columbia film and television this year. The anticipated annual ceremony, where the awards are presented to the distinguished winners, is a major part of the British Columbia film industry’s awards season.

Walter Daroshin and Sonny Wong are thrilled to be bringing this milestone awards presentation to life, where standout talents from across the big and small screens will be honoured for their work.

Hosts for the three 20th Anniversary 2018 Leo Awards have been announced. Brent Butt and Nancy Roberston will host the Gala Awards Ceremony on June 3rd. Peter Kelamis will host the Celebration Awards Ceremony Two on Saturday, June 2nd and Lucie Guest and Kalyn Miles will be the hosts at the Celebration Awards Ceremony One on Saturday, May 26th.  All ceremonies will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver.

Leading this year’s awards with 13 nominations is the Syfy/Netflix TV series Van Helsing. Its nods include three for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series, for Christopher Heyerdahl, Jonathan Scarfe, and Aleks Paunovic. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Ghost Wars also received a number of nominations in the Dramatic Series category, with seven nominations each, followed by Riverdale with six.

In the Music, Comedy or Variety Program or Series category, Android Employed leads the way with eight nominations, and Kim’s Convenience follows with four.

In the Motion Picture category, the horror Dead Shack has the most nods, with 12 nominations, followed by the comedy Adventures in Public School with 10.

Other categories that will be recognized at the awards include: Television Movie, Short Drama, Feature Length Documentary Program, Short Documentary Program, Documentary Series, Information, Lifestyle or Reality Program or Series, Animation Program or Series, Youth or Children’s Program or Series, Web Series, Music Video, and Student Production.

A complete list of the 2018 nominees is available at the Leo Awards website.

About the BC Film & TV Industry:

In 2017, the B.C. film production industry set a new record, topping $2.6 billion Canadian in revenue. The British Columbia film and television industry provides more than 25,000 jobs and generates more than $2 billion (Canadian) in economic activity each year, making the industry an integral one to the economic and social vitality of British Columbia.


About the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia and the Leo Awards:

The Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and promote the achievements of the British Columbia film and television industry through the presentation of an annual awards program – The Leo Awards.

The Leo Awards were established in 1998 to provide support and recognition for the work of film and television producers, writers, directors, performers and others in the industry. Nominees for the Leo Awards – which recognize on-screen and behind-the-camera excellence in the British Columbia film and television sphere and are handed out over three ceremonies.

Through a system of peer adjudication, Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants complete the final ballot tabulations for the awards.

Walter Daroshin, President of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia and the Leo Awards says, “We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our jurors – many of whom spent upwards of five weeks screening and adjudicating our 1225 eligible entries. They exemplify the spirit of community service and we are grateful for their care and consideration while deliberating.”

Leo Awards Event Details:

The Leo Awards will take place at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

The Celebration Awards One:

  • Saturday, May 26th

Celebration Awards Two:

  • Saturday, June 2nd.

The Leo Gala Awards:

  • Sunday, June 3rd

Celebrate with the largest Red Carpet in Western Canada with nominees walking the Red Carpet with press in attendance.

Walter Daroshin and Sonny Wong are available for interviews leading up to the Leo Awards or on the Red Carpet on June 3rd, 2018.


For more information, interview requests, or a spot on the Red Carpet, please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

Jasmyn Rowley | | 705-255-6887

Leo Awards Social Media Handles:

The Dark & The Wounded Screening Cannes Festival

IndustryWorks Studios presents the Cannes Market Debut of the Award Winning Short Film Documentary “The Dark & The Wounded” screening on Monday, May 14th at 8:00 pm, Palais H

Beyond Fear …There is Freedom

IndustryWorks Studios is pleased to announce the Award Winning short documentary film by renowned artist James Picard, “The Dark & The Wounded” in a market debut at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.  IndustryWorks will reveal details on the feature film production, “The Dark & The Wounded” original and multi-award winning short doc at the screening on Monday, May 14th Palais H with the artist James Picard in attendance.

For those of you not familiar with the brilliant works of the painter/artist, his work, prized by an ever-growing number of collectors, can be seen in both in public and private collections across the United States, Canada, London, Paris, Japan, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Picard’s work has elevated to such a high degree that it has been exhibited next to world-renowned art legends such as Picasso, Matisse, Miro, and Warhol.

With the new series he entitled, “The Dark and The Wounded”, Picard has delved deep into the human psyche.  He holds back nothing and forces us to look inside ourselves, face our demons and heal. Staged at abandoned asylums, hospitals and prisons, places the artist states are the perfect exhibition venues as they have housed the darkness that we fear the most. With a music scored by film composerJeff Danna (Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus), the experience is truly chilling. The exhibition has received rave reviews among attendees and art collectors around the world.  Many have said that the visceral effect of these unique events literally took them through life changing vivication.

The tour and the short film culminated with a show in 2015 at the historical Alcatraz prison in San Francisco where Picard and his ‘D&W’ crew tied together all the wounds and darkness of humanity in one of the darkest places on the planet. The results for all those who attended were nothing short of phenomenal.

Enter the year 2018, ‘The Dark and The Wounded’ feature film. Continuing from the documented US Tour of the paintings, Picard is now touring Europe with events taking place in some of Europe’s darkest and most wounded places such as the White Chapel (tying in with Jack the Ripper), the Tower of London, and at Oradour-sur-Glane, the abandoned town left as a monument in France by Charles de Gaulle (it was destroyed in 1944 by the Nazis). As well, Picard is looking at the Paris Catacombes, the Berlin Bunkers, and a Nazi concentration camp located in Poland as aspirational venues. The feature film documentary will be the result of filming in all these locations, and is planned to release end of this year. The finale, a place known all over the world as the ultimate symbol of fear.


Press and Distributors are invited to drop by the IndustryWorks Booth D4 Riviera at Cannes.

To inquire about the details of ‘The Dark & The Wounded’ feature film, contact:

Caterina Scrivano VP Sales & Marketing at Subject: The Dark & The Wounded

Cannes Press please contact Timothy Gambey to interview James Picard and to attend the screening:

About IndustryWorks Studios/Pictures

IndustryWorks Studios/Pictures is committed to the primary efforts of developing, producing and releasing creative and marketable content into the worldwide marketplace with a recognizable brand of content and quality. IndustryWorks releases films theatrically and on all platforms globally while providing independent productions with the support and ability to market, schedule, budget and ultimately release their films theatrically.

James Picard The Dark & The Wounded Official Trailer:

For Worldwide Distribution please contact:

Caterina Scrivano |

To schedule a meeting in Cannes please contact:

Anna Rasmussen |

For more information on The Dark & The Wounded in Cannes, visit Booth D4 Riviera.

For Press Inquiries, interviews and photos please contact:

Lesley Diana |  | 604-726-5575

James Picard, The Dark & The Wounded, Alcatraz, photo courtesy of IndustryWorks Studios –