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Weekend Workshop With New York Movement Coach, Ted Morin

Host: The Post at 750, 750 Hamilton St.

Time/Date: Friday, March 17th
Introductory- 6-9pm

Saturday, March 18th
The Foundation- 10am-5pm
Lunch Break- 1pm-2pm

Sunday, March 19th
Closing moves 10am-1pm

*Total 12 hours of Work
$260.00 Tax Incl

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, the foundation of “The William Technique: A Physical Process for Actors” will be explored.

The first area of focus will be on developing physical freedom through an exploration of movement improvisations both in chairs and on the floor. The open choreography of The William Technique will be introduced in addition to the fundamental principals of the Laban and Bartenieff Techniques. Technique is explored both individually and while in relationship with the imaginary world, another actor and ultimately the whole ensemble. Over the course of the workshop we will create an awareness of how our physical mannerisms and defences inhibit the acting process. Simple tools will be introduced to help the actor release physical tension and activate a body that:
I) Moves with a greater sense of ease.
II) Has expansive, three dimensional breathe support.
III) Is more sensually alive & vulnerable to imaginary circumstances and relationships.

For further information on Ted Morin and his work:

Payment will be accepted via Cash, Cheque, Etransfer or Paypal.

For further details please contact workshop coordinator:
Therés Amee        
c I 604-366-3493
e I

Please Note, all payments and registration MUST be accepted and completed by Monday, March 6th. Receipts will be provided on the first day of class. Auditing is not permitted.

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How Much Are Those Feelings in the Window

A world premiere here in Vancouver.

“4 people, 2 relationships, no one is happy.”

image1-2Two long time producing partners, KinkyFish productions (England) and Share Productions (Vancouver, BC) bring the hilarious and uncanny production of How Much Are Those Feelings in the Window to Vancouver. If you have ever found yourself in a relationship, this is the show that mirrors all your happy, mad, sad, and glad moments. The moments we go to yoga to forget. Set in a farcical consumerist society (but for now we’ll just call it Vancouver), love finds itself as just another item that can be bought, sold, kidnapped or misplaced. Sound familiar?

Written by Australian Christiaan Westerveld How Much Are Those Feelings in the Window follows four characters, from different parts of the world, each desperately trying to pursue their version of love. But at what cost? In a world where the dating norm has become Tinder, OKCupid and Grindr its no wonder that these experiences have not been dramatized before. “This play is a dark comedy, that so vividly depicts modern relationships and just how easy one’s feelings can be manipulated and taken advantage of. It’s a chaotic piece, filled with all sorts of colourful characters, any audience member can relate to.” Mentions first time director Therés Amee. What makes this show a stand out from the rest is not only the witty and bizarre plot lines but the dynamic and passionate team that has brought a world class production to Vancouver.

image1“There are characters from Australia, Japan, Germany, India, and America. They all have feelings of loneliness, jealously, happiness, unhappiness, guilt, greed and longing etc. I wanted to take some of the stereotypical elements of these characters and combine them with a bit more compassion and struggle.” mentions playwright Christian Westerveld. The talent on stage and behind stage are identical to the characters, a group of people from all corners of the globe. A large majority are 1st generation Canadians and new permanent residents that are calling Canada home. A new Canadian and Japanese actor Yumi Nagashima speaks of her journey so far with the piece, “My heritage works when I do stand-up comedy, but as an actor, my roles are very specific. I am very very grateful for Therés and the producers for taking a leap of faith and giving me one of the lead roles.” This speaks to the true passion and dedication the produces and creative team have given the script. Its a breath of fresh air for an industry riddled with glass ceilings and mould breaking stereotypes. 

How Much Are Those Feelings in the Window opens December 2nd at the Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive and runs until December 5th. Seating is limited. The cast includes the talents of James Challis, Teagan Mann, Yumi Nagashima, Christiaan Westerveld, Patrick Dodd, Eric Regimbald, Gurp Buttar, and Doreen Gordon. Directed by Therés Amee. Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets. More information on cast and crew can be found on the How Much Are Those Feelings in the Window Facebook page and event.

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